Team Units

OVERT is a new vision in volunteerism. More closely aligned with the commitment, dedication and professionalism of volunteer fire fighters then with any other program in Ontario. Our vision does not recognize community borders – an OVERT deployment may see volunteers driving hundreds of kilometers, or fly to a different country to assist a community in need.

At the heart of the OVERT program are the volunteers. For the first time, this program brings together varied members of the community and successfully integrates them with significant numbers of police officers, paramedics, fire fighters, military personnel and health care workers. The Emergency Response Volunteers of OVERT form the foundation of every deployment. Without the strong group volunteers currently serving with OVERT, the organization could not exist.

Once a request for assistance is received, OVERT is capable of responding with a diverse set of resources. These resources being the team’s various units.

The Ontario Volunteer Emergency Response Team (OVERT) Inc. is an entirely new concept in community participation, education and response to Search and Rescue operations, community emergencies and disasters. Our team has expanded upon our original role as a SAR team, taking from this experience to make our organization more capable of assisting our community during major community emergencies.


The OVERT dogs are trained to locate human scent in a variety of situations. The dogs are trained to track the path a victim may have taken or search off lead in an attempt to locate the scent in the air leading back to the victim. They are also trained to search a building or collapsed structure for a victim or will be used to find the clues or articles that the victim may have left behind.

The cadaver dog unit is a unique part of the OVERT team. Our K9 handlers and their canine partners are tasked with the location of human remains. This can be the result of numerous scenarios and in a variety of situations. These dogs are trained to locate the scent of human remains only. The dogs are exposed to all aspects of the human bodies’ decomposition process and the environments that these may be located.

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