For the past several years CANISAR has organized capacity building deployments to help our international neighbours with some of their ongoing needs.

This October, CANISAR will be sending another team of volunteers to Cambodia to address water security and other pressing needs Like previous deployments, this one will focus on the families of Tonle Sap Lake as well as the Chres Orphanage.
Tonle Sap is a lake in central Cambodia. Many of the poorest families of the region are unable to afford the luxury of living on land. This has led to the creation of over 170 floating villages. Not being able to live on dry land is a harsh reality accepted by over one million people living on Tonle Sap. Houses in these floating villages are without basic sanitation. Residents are forced to release untreated human waste directly into their “fresh” water source. This water has become contaminated and is unfit for human consumption.

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