Support & Donations

CANISAR is a leader in international based emergency response organizations. Communities, industry, financial supports and a strong group of volunteers work hard to keep CANISAR ready to serve the world.

With its partnerships and MoU’s, there are truly few other agencies with the reach and the capacity to assist in the event of an emergency than the Canadian International Search and Rescue. Through our years of service, CANISAR has continually been commited to serve other nations in times of disaster.

Interested in making a meaningful contribution to your community?

Join us in reuniting, and providing closure to families all over the world. Join us in responding to emergencies and disasters, not only here at home but also abroad. Support the CANISAR Team, and help ensure that emergency support is there when you community needs it the most. 

CANISAR operates under OVERT's charity registration (registered # 8928 78560 RR0001) and as such tax deductible donations may be made to the agency. 

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