We do not believe in Band-Aid solutions when it comes to medical clinics.  This is why CANISAR is working closely with local hospitals and medical professionals in Cambodia to set up an effective Mobile Medical Clinic Unit (MMCU).
The team will organize and bring to life a Mobile Clinic which will consist of three vehicles, Medical equipment and local medical personnel.  Our goal is to empower the local community to reach out and help each other in the long run.
Many people in Cambodia don’t have access to medical care like we do.  There are subsidized hospitals for children which are operating successfully, but a lot of people in rural areas don’t have the luxury of transportation to get to hospitals in the bigger cities.

How the Mobile Clinics will operate
There will be three vehicles dedicated to the mobile clinic.  First vehicle will act as transport for the doctors and nurses.  Second vehicle will be transporting medical supplies and medicines and the third vehicle will act as an ambulance.
Local doctors will scout and select four rural villages at a time.  The mobile clinic will visit the first village and be stationed for 2 days (depending on the patient volume). 
Then the mobile clinic will move to the second, third and fourth village.  Once all four villages have been visited and patient care has been provided the mobile clinic team will visit the first village to see if there are any new patients.  This rotation will go on until the patient volume has significantly decreased.

Not only will medical care be offered at these villages during the visits, councilors will also be on hand to speak to children or women who suffer abuse.  

Hygiene and safe sex practices will also be thought and condoms will be available for free.

TLC Mobile Clinic
Depending on donations raised, the initial pilot project for the MMCU may be with a local organization called TLC (The Lake Clinic)
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Our team would like to donate a boat and assist TLC with expanding their current operations.

Floating church on Tonle Sap
River Village resident and her children
River Village boy

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