Chres Orphanage is located 15 minutes outside of Siem Reap in the village of Chres. 
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At any time it houses over 80 children – all between the ages of 3 and 18.  It is a wonderful place ran by a local young man who started the orphanage with his father.

In 2010, with the financial support of friends and family – a CANISAR member built a new classroom on the grounds for the kids.

The orphanage is slowly expanding with the support of international travelers who visit this humble place. 
Our goal is to build sleeping quarters for the kids with proper beds and mattresses.  Currently the kids sleep on the floor of their library on old dirty sheets.

Volunteers on this trip will assist with fundraising to cover the costs of the new building and the sleeping materials and also will physically assist in construction.

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Classroom built by CANISAR member with the help and support of friends in Canada